How to survive in England without a phone ?

15 novembre 2017

Guess what ?

This article ll be completely written in english guys. I want to try something new !

Maybe you know, maybe not, but someone stole my phone next to the laundry in my accommodation last month.

How I was feeling about that ? Sad. There was all my life in there, and the guy who found it had not even thought about me. I couldn’t understand how he felt about the fact he has a phone who does not belong to him. He hasn’t work to deserve it.

I’m a positive person so i was expected.. well hoping.. that maybe he ll bring it me back. I d done some posters, spoken to everyone, but no one d respond to my countless reminders. The person didn’t give a fuck.

Anyway, sometimes, things happens for a good reasons.

« When there is no struggle, there is no power. » Oprah Winfrey

It makes me think about : Having no phone, its like a cure. A cure against Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even against messages.

At 6, I was walking in Wolverhampton and I d seen a freakly beautiful sunset. If i d had my phone, I wouldn’t have waiting in front of this splendid spectacle til the end. Create memories always has been a passion. But yeah, I just enjoyed.

What I ve done to survive was to :

  • Be positive and keep believing in goodness.
  • Try to always be with someone with a phone
  • Walk with my computer all the time
  • Buy a map for the city you will visit and ask your way : this is the best way to make friends and talk in the language of a country to improve it.
  • Enjoy & talk with people

According to people, it is horrible to live like that. I didn’t have the same opinion : I could breath again.

Technology has an important part in our lives : too much I guess. In the restaurant, I ve seen how much phone takes a big place in life. I was the only one  enjoying the moment. My friends was obsessed about what they found on facebook, youtube or even by texts.

This experiment was really interested for me. The only reason which annoyed me was the fact that I could not take pictures. It was so difficult to not take my friends in photography when we were laughing each other, when they had a weird behaviour… You know, that kind of moment that makes you unconfortable and that you want to share with everyone because you want him to pay for its stupidity ! Love that kind of moment.

Believe in goodness has finally paid off: A friend gives me a phone for free. Just because I needed it.

At this moment, I have understood. I have understood that phone is just an object. Not my hand. It is an object that need to be considered but not more preferred than real life. Enjoy moment with other people and always share goodness around you. This is one of the lessons I will remember. This & the fact that I need to be more careful about my stuffs though.

Loads of kisses.

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